Marta Melon II

Another little sketch of the beautiful @WillHugForFood eating her favourite fruit. I did a whole series of these little chibi drawings of her as different characters a few weeks back when we were having an international sketch session. That is to say we were on Skype sketching the whole time. I might render the other little Martas at some point; but I have to post some of her art here as its been a while, so keep a look out for that.

In other news, my Spell Tome post got me over 1500 karma on reddit. 1500+ sweet anonymous Internet points! Prior to this post my most successful post was a photo of a Super Mario Cappucino, which was; interestingly enough, done by @WillHugForFood…



The Waitress

My friend runs a restaurant and was making a poster for their staff party. She asked me to draw her a picture she could use in it.

The brief was as follows.:

It’s just a little sketch for the bottom of a staff party poster. So anything to do with hospitality. Something very simple. The poster is white with type writer font.

So with that I mind I figured a minimalist piece would work best. So I drew quick sketch then worked it over in ArtStudio on my iPhone, and came up with this:


She imported it into her project and sent me this pic of the finished poster.


It’s not much but I do like my art being used for any sort of project. If you’d ever like to use my art; or would like me to produce something for you, just let me know here or tweet me @MarzRaul.