A cover photo I did for my Facebook. I’d say its a fairly accurate depiction of how my head works.



Captain Jack

My friend @summerdress__ fell in love with this kitten as soon as she saw it. Despite being told it was a girl; she named it Jack (after Jack Sparrow), due to its black markings resembling a goatie. On visiting the vet, turned out Jack is a boy. So much for the expertise of pet-shop employees…

Anyway, in honour of his namesake, I decided to draw little Jacky-boy as a Pirate Cat. I’m actually pretty please with this piece. Enjoy.


Reverse Centaur

Sometime inspirations comes from the strangest places. A centaur is waist-up human attached to neck-down horse. So I got thinking, ‘what about the reverse? Neck-up horse attached to waist-down human.’

So I present the Reverse Centaur!


Also got some art from @WillHugForFood coming in the next couple of days; drawings from around the world!



Haven’t uploaded any Draw Something’s for a while. Have resumed playing again so should have some more coming.

Also, I’m pretty excited about Draw Something 2 which will have a “free draw” feature. I actually like the drawing engine in Draw Something. Hopefully it’s the same in 2.