Month: April 2013


A very special post today: My good friend @WillHugForFood asked me for a word to inspire a drawing.

“Waiting” came to me first, and she obliged. She produced this wonderful piece in no time at all. It’s very different to my style; and somehow so obviously hers. I love it. So I’m posting it here. I hope to post much more of her work in the future.

Anyone who wants to make some tablet art is welcome to submit pieces to Tablet Art Press, here or on twitter; and I’d be happy to host it.

Also, you should follow @WillHugForFood on twitter, and on Instagram, because she’s also an incredibly talented photographer, and generally awesome person.



Snoop (Lion)

Pretty excited about the release of Draw Something 2. So far it’s available on iPhone, but not yet on iPad. There’s a bunch of new tools I’m excited about, but it seems it may take a while to get used to it. Also I have to earn all of my colours back.

The gallery feature is nice too, you can view the work of other people there, and wow; there are some seriously talented people out there. I’ll probably keep doing drawings on the first game, as the interfaced is much simpler, and I’m used to it. But as I get used to DS2 I’ll start posting some of the pictures here.

In the meantime, here’s some Snoop for ya all…


The Waitress

My friend runs a restaurant and was making a poster for their staff party. She asked me to draw her a picture she could use in it.

The brief was as follows.:

It’s just a little sketch for the bottom of a staff party poster. So anything to do with hospitality. Something very simple. The poster is white with type writer font.

So with that I mind I figured a minimalist piece would work best. So I drew quick sketch then worked it over in ArtStudio on my iPhone, and came up with this:


She imported it into her project and sent me this pic of the finished poster.


It’s not much but I do like my art being used for any sort of project. If you’d ever like to use my art; or would like me to produce something for you, just let me know here or tweet me @MarzRaul.