The T-Rex has really woken my inner child; all I want to draw now is dinosaurs. Add to that it was the Monkeys’ (my 6 year-old twin brothers) birthday on the weekend, and they were given a beautifully illustrated dinosaur encyclopaedia that I was all over for hours before I let the have a look…

While I’m still exploring what is possible with the iPad, I’ll be exploring as much textures and colours as I can. The perfect next candidate would be one of the feathered avian dinosaurs. Dienonychus is a good candidate because there’s fairly well studied, and reconstructions are quite abundant. However before I get to that, I need to do a bit of testing…

So this is a quick sketch I did on the way home from work, trying to see how I could render feathers. However, despite most reconstruction’s flamboyant palettes, likely the green below is inaccurate, as the oldest and most dinosaurian birds spices are rather bland. Think emu, kiwi, ostrich…



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